The Health & Safety Committee has been in existence since February 2009. It is committed to ensuring that there will be continued safety and health for all consumers and staff throughout all environments of Davidson Homes.

An additional responsibility of this committee is to ensure that persons served have accessibility to various environments and have the ability to overcome barriers encountered in normal life activities. We have established a fund to support expenses to overcome barriers to services.

There were a total of 24 barriers reported to date to the safety committee. Some of these barriers were in the community, but the committee was able to resolve the issues. 88% of all barriers reported have been over-come.
The Health & Safety Committee has established a unique system of training for possible emergencies, such as fire and disasters by practicing drills. Staff and consumers use these drills to practice and document the results.

In 2014, 89% of our homes completed their drills and self-inspections.

Across the variety of AFL’s, Periodic Services, Group Homes, Day Programs, and Office environments, each is subject to a number of inspections both from external authorities and each is also responsible to complete two self inspections each year.