We have established an Accessibility Plan to protect and help the persons we serve and our employees from barriers to services or access to environments. A good example might be the inability for a person in a wheelchair from accessing a bathroom because the doorway was too narrow. If there are barriers to be reported, a form is available in the front lobby of our office or through contact at our main phone number so that the problem can be reported and resolved. The Health & Safety Committee is responsible for reviewing all reports of barriers and to make recommendation for resolution.

At the most recent meeting of this committee, the following reports were reviewed with resolution:

1. A consumer reported a delay in his receiving a replacement for a broken walker. Since the consumer moved to another agency, this will be handled by the new agency.

2. During the winter, it was reported that ice and snow would sometimes block the entrance and parking at LINCS and cause unsure footing. Once reported, this was resolved.

3. It was reported that access to LINCS became a problem during loading and unloading of consumers. The program director was able to establish a routine, which has been more helpful for those coming and going.