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Every family has a story, welcome to ours.

Davidson Family Services began in 1998 when John and Cindy Davidson started Davidson Homes Inc. from their home in Swannanoa, NC. They were passionate Alternative Family Living (AFL) providers that truly cared about helping people with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD). They saw the need to further that care and help individuals live more independently. Over 20 years later, Davidson Homes has changed its name to Davidson Family Services because the focus has always been on the family. Today they provide services in over 18 counties throughout the Western and Piedmont areas of North Carolina with over 200 employees. Services include: AFL, Foster Care, Respite, Day Programs, and most Innovations Waiver services. John and Cindy are still passionate about changing lives and helping people of all abilities find happiness through their ongoing commitment to serve others.

Mission Statement

Our team is committed to assisting individuals and their families in achieving the highest quality of life.  Our goal is to provide personalized care, support, and choice to those we serve while they pursue their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

We Welcome Everyone

We prohibit discrimination based on race, sex, gender, color, creed, national origin, culture, age or disability.